Welcome to Denizens of the Dreadwood!

This campaign is played alternate Thursdays at the Brighton Roleplayers club


It is a Pathfinder campaign set on the world of Oerth, in the Greyhawk setting.

The campaign homeworld is Greyhawk / Greyspace, but where it goes, is yet to be determined – the campaign is only a few weeks old :-)

The characters are mostly sylvan and fey, who live in the Dreadwood, which has been afflicted by an alien and magical blight, Blackscour, which causes dreadful mutations in humans, demi-humans, monsters and indeed almost all the flora and fauna in the foirest.

The cure must be found. The Druidic Hierarchy have commissioned adventurers to find it.

And the search has taken them far afield, for this disease originates on another world…

Denizens of the Dreadwood